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School Districts in Orleans County, Louisiana

From the drop-down menu below, select the School District in which the school is located

DistrictAddressOfficial WebsitePhone
International School Of Louisiana2601 Florida Avenue
New Orleans LA 70062-
 (504) 488-7488 
Milestone Sabis Academy Of New Orleans5951 Patton Street
New Orleans LA 70115-
 (504) 557-0557 
New Orleans Center For Creative Arts2800 Chartres Street
New Orleans LA 70117-7316
 (504) 787-2787 
Orleans Parish104 Nashville Avenue
New Orleans LA 70115-
 (504) 680-5680 
Rsd-middle School Advocates, Inc.3801 Monroe Street
New Orleans LA 70118-
 (504) 804-0804 
Rsd-suno Institute For Academic Excellence6300 Press Drive
New Orleans LA 70126-
 (504) 091-5091 
Rsd-uno New Beginnings Foundation2045 Lakeshore Drive Suite 526
New Orleans LA 70122-3538
 (504) 684-5684